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Creating their own website may be an extremely difficult task for a beginner who is not familiar with HTML, PHP and other web development languages and tools. If a user is not that savvy in the web design and web development, the best way to create his or her own website would be using a website template, i.e. a pre-fetched website design and interface.
The software programs presented in this collection will allow you to find a use a software designs meeting your needs and tastes in the most satisfying way.

Website Templates download selection by Keath Wyszynski. February 25, 2015

  1. WebMatrix
    WebMatrix Download
    Most popular in Website Templates Most downloaded in Website Templates
    User rating:
    (20 votes)

    WebMatrix is a lightweight web development tool for website optimization.

    ...optimize your websites for mobile browsing with built-in templates, device emulators...

    Latest Comments:

    Guest The easiest program to help anyone design a web page.

  2. BlueVoda Website Builder
    BlueVoda Website Builder Download
    Most recent in Website Templates
    Editor rating:
    User rating:
    (31 votes)

    BlueVoda Website Builder is a powerful and yet simple HTML editor.

    ...of free web templates and video tutorial ...learn how to create websites. Still, the professional...

  3. Lauyan TOWeb
    Lauyan TOWeb Download
    Editor rating:
    User rating:
    (5 votes)

    Lauyan TOWeb may be your solution to create simple websites.

    ...you to create simple websites. The application ha ...your pages. Completed websites can be copied...

  4. Web Site Software

    Web Site Software is not only a client-side knowledge management software.

    ...professional static web sites from website templates and publish them to the...

  5. Servage Website Builder
    Servage Website Builder Download
    Editor rating:
    User rating:
    (3 votes)

    Servage Website Builder 8.0 - Perfect tool for beginners in Web site designing.

    ...makes the website development ...Website development experience for the users easy and quick. Templates...

  6. Aptana Studio
    Aptana Studio Download
    Editor rating:
    User rating:
    (26 votes)
    Open source

    Aptana Studio is a powerful web development application.

    ...helps you create websites from scratch; it ...large number of predefined templates, depending on your...

  7. WebSite
    WebSite Download

    It’s a great way to organize all your personal notes, thoughts, tasks, etc.

    ...professional static web sites from website templates and publish them to the...

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